Toy mountains, a sea of fluffy lovies and yet another card collection.

Always thought I could do with a Wall E to keep all those toy mountains in check.

Are we helping our children to develop or build on hereditary addictions to stuff? In her online article ABC Radio Perth journalist Emma Wynne has a good look at whats happening to our little people. I think it's a great summary of what I see in the homes I visit and in my own home. Really encouraging any parent, aunty or grand parent to take a quick look and see what you think of some of Maggie Dents wisdom. Are kids developing an addiction to stuff in early childhood? Parenting expert Maggie Dent says taking toys away helps kids find their own ways to break boredom. When we then combine this with the fabulous things we know about how this awesome gift of a brain in each of us that can reprogram itself, this fabulous elasticity, that self control in all of us starts very young and continues to be something we can practise and improve - the world just starts looking so much more filled with light and hope. Second cool thing to watch is here - Walter Mischel and what that fabulous marshmallow experiment can actually tell us to do.

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