SCARY but Important things to know...


The fire risks - this is very scary stuff but it would be even more scary if we didn't read it and do something about it.


The fire dangers associated with keeping lots of stuff (being a pack rack as one friend calls it) in our homes.


"Fires in hoarding homes increase the risk for the occupant, their neighbours and firefighters.

MFB research has identified that people who hoard aged 50+ are at particular risk and account for 24 per cent of all preventable fire deaths between 1999 and 2009.


MFB recommends that in the first
instance, individuals, their families/friends or agencies assisting those affected by hoarding should make it an
urgent priority to:


  1. Install smoke alarms (even more than the recommended number if necessary) and test them.

  2. Unblock exits.

  3. Widen internal pathways.

  4. Check utilities are connected.

  5. Prioritise removing any items from
    around the cooking area and stovetops as 39 percent of fires in homes affected by hoarding behaviors, 
    are the result of cooking.


  6. Ensure all build-up of household items are removed from around heaters and electrical items and discourage the use of open flame. When combined, these factors account for 44 percent of fires in all homes affected by hoarding behaviors.

    Now, if you or people you care about still have enough items in the home to be rated at 5 or above on the Clutter Image Rating Scale then you can make sure that you have the fire brigades in your team by...

  7. Getting the property registered on the
    CFA High Clutter Notification Register - See red panel for details


For more information visit

NEW CFA High Clutter Notification System

Registering a property if it's a 5 or above on the CIRS rating system can be done by community services workers in Ballarat such as Centracare, Anglicare and CAFS.

The CFA doesn't need the name of the person, you just need to let them know your concerns so that the fire brigade can plan ahead for a fire if (God forbid please) it should happen in the home...if you want to let them know about your place, just ring the local CFA or agency and let them know you're worried about what might happen if. It doesn't matter if you're not ready to get rid of anything what's more important right now is just that they can plan ahead to doesn't cost anything and you might save someone from getting hurt.