Small is beautiful…











But it’s definitely tricky
figuring out what to keep and
what to give away, sell,
replace, throw out or fix

When you’re headed for a smaller place, we’d love to make it easier to make
a smooth transition into the new house by gently working with you to figure out the
answers to all those questions such as …  

Do I need this?
Will it fit?
What will I do if it won’t fit?
To who will I give all the things I can’t take?
How do I get it to them?
How will I get it all done in time?
Who can help?
What will make it easier? Harder?

Decluttering, downsizing and definitely discreet, confidential and trusted service. Please see our service guarantee here


Step 1.

To make figuring out what you need us to do easier we ask you to choose 1, 2, or create your own custom options - just fill out the quote form and let us know what you're after.


  1. Sort out what is there and consolidate things by doing so.

  2. Help you to decide what to keep, give away, throw out and fit in the new space or into your new life. 

  3. Provide contact details of people who can come and pick items up or sell items for you.

  4. Help you to make the changes to your home to live a simplier life with less clutter.

  5. Send you updated progress reports via text, email or telephone at various intervals if you are off site.


Step 2.
Then if you wish we can: -

  1. Pack up items for you OR with you so they are ready for sale, storage or disposal.

  2. Support you with a follow up appointment to review decisions you made.