Special Things

A lifetime
of things in a home
no matter how they're to be found
can be daunting for anyone to pack.. 

Let us help…

At a time when you and your loved ones are coping with the roller coaster of emotions brought on by the passing of someone close to you, there are so many things to think about. The funeral, the house, the things in it, the bank accounts, the car registrations, all the things they wanted to see happen and the things you know need to, but sometimes the hardest thing to do is to manage all of it from far away or on your own.

That’s where we can make things easier.   We provide a discreet, confidential and trusted service for your family.


Here's how we can help and what we do:
- Get everything sorted into categories/boxed and labelled
- Ensure that any 'special items' you wanted separated or we find are discussed
with you and noted.

- We are fully insured and happy to provide personal references.

- All our staff are required to have a police check and supported and trained to work with great care.
- You'll have a room by room payment option available so you can start with just
one room to see how it goes.

- We provide regular updates if you are off-site.

- We create an agreed 'plan of attack' prior to commencing.

- You can decide whether you want to do it together, get Sal to do some of it OR
- Just leave it all to Sal with nothing else to worry about. 
- We make it less stressful.

- No need to make quick decisions when you may not be in an ideal place
mentally to do so.
- Sort out a box of paperwork whilst we're working for you on other
less important things.

- Let us help buy some time for the family to decide what to do when they are ready if you need to pack it and place it in storage for a few months.
- We also offers you a quicker process when family members are under strain.

Just choose 1, 2 or more options. ..


Room by room, if you've agreed and it's legally appropriate for us to do so, we will gently yet efficiently:


  1. Sort out what is there and create a list of the items. (Various options are available with varying levels of
    details listed.)

    - We do this to assist families to start or continue discussions with other family members. Help you to arrange valuations, transit/insurance, and just figure out priorities for your energy and time.

    - To do this all team members on-site have police checks and work professionally within the home showing appropriate respect to the task at hand. We also carry appropriate insurance as outlined in our Service Guarantee.

Then if you wish we can: -

  1. Pack up items ready for storage, transit, valuation and/or distribution to appropriate people such as family members, charities or other appropriate venues.

  2. Send photographs to you to make things even easier to identify.

  3. Send you updated progress reports via text, email or telephone at various intervals.


  1. We can on your behalf arrange for or ensure unwanted items are distributed in the way you have agreed whether that means arranging for it to go to you, your family members, local charities, to 2nd hand furniture dealers, estate auctioneers or where it is deemed by you appropriate a rubbish removal service.

  2. 'De-clutter' the family home ready for valuations.



What we don’t do during STAGE 1:

1. We don’t throw out anything and by this, we mean that we sort out (and consolidate by doing so) but not throw out. If a piece of paper has writing on it, we consider it of potential value for instance; letters will be grouped together, pens with pens, shirts with shirts. At this first stage, this is the safest option for all concerned. Then if you or another family member has the energy you can more easily for instance whip through what's in that box labeled 'notes', 'bills' or 'memorabilia'.

2. We don’t share information about what we find in the home unless given your permission to do so for the purposes of advertising or recommendation or bound by law to do so.

3. We offer cleaning services and can also arrange for either our own or other local cleaners to do this, arrange for a key to be given to them and collected once they have finished on your behalf.

4. In the rare event that we find any biohazards that it would be inappropriate for us to safely manage ourselves, we will let you know immediately and with great care determine the best course of action with you.



What we don’t do during STAGE 2:

1. As we are not ‘a removalist’, we do not generally move things off-site ourselves - special arrangements must be made if this is required of our team. We can assist you with an appropriate choice of a carrier should you need one and be there on-site to let them in and then lock up after they depart. We will ensure that you have any records of the transaction – such as transit slips – photographed and sent to you for you to be able to track items if you require this service.

2. We facilitate discussions with local firms by supplying lists of options for you to choose from on our site but do not normally recommend any company above any other. We strongly encourage all firms that we deal with to ensure that they have customer feedback options on their websites, are polite, professional, discreet and friendly in their operations. We do not continue to offer their listing on our site should we obtain confirmed information that demonstrates that it would be inappropriate for us to do so.

3. We can arrange garage sales but do not take commissions from any buyers of books etc. We can however also assist you to find people who will sell unwanted items on commission for you. We do not recommend that you allow the sale to happen inside the home.

4. We do not arrange for others to move items off-site or away for disposal by any means without evidence that you agreed for this to be done.


Give me a call on 0411320811 if you'd like.
I'd be happy to discuss any aspect of our services with you.


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