About Me

Hi, My name is Sally Tuck and I'm known as Sorting Sal. 

'Sorting Sal' grew up in Ballarat and after being away for a while I now live in and as a team, we now service the greater Ballarat area. I'm never so happy as in the middle of a big pile of stuff, chatting and sharing time with people as we sort things into categories and figure out ways to display, store, make it fit or use it differently but mostly listening and talking through what are the stories behind it being there and supporting people towards their goals.


As a mother and artist, I also know that life is very messy some times and that anyone with a full life often has challenges such as juggling never-ending “todo” lists and somehow along the way things can just build up.


Originally I was asked by friends to help them sort out things, always enthusiastically jumping into tasks where others feared to tread (did I mention I love to sort things?); I have now been gently walking hand in hand with many people as they tackle the challenges that having lots of stuff can create - including my own.

Together, we took on everything from small projects such as figuring out a solution for a storage problem and what we could live without. Then later I was asked to help with much larger challenges where we worked on rooms filled to the brim with the useful, useless, wonderful and often very important stuff.

Along the way, I've learned and continue to learn a lot about what can help us to get things sorted out and what things make it harder. These things tend to send us back to where we started, distract us or make it hard for others to help us.

Welfare and community workers thinking about supporting clients to access our services can feel confident in my qualifications within Community Development and Community Services Work fields and my work experience history within supportive and facilitative roles for people over the last 25 years of making dreams happen.


Now, inspired by the courage of and gentle yet steady progress of the people I have worked with, driven by the need to create a family-friendly business and having a passionate belief in everyone being marvelously made and perfectly imperfect all at the same time, I got sorted and Sorting Sal was born....