Step 1.

Rate the amount of things in the space.

This just gives us a general idea of how long the job might take or what you are managing on your own at the moment. We will need to confirm the job through a site visit as well but this gets us started. Sorting Sal is using a tool called the Clutter Image Rating Scale (CIRS tool VicHealth 2013) which can be found on the Victorian Department of Health website.




Three types of rooms are shown on the VicHealth website - a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom. For our purposes, all we need you to do is look at the room pictured below in the CIRS and just tell us which numbered picture is closest to the amount of marvelous things inside the place you want the quote done for.

Special note: 

Whilst we have to use it from time to time, we don't actually like the word 'clutter' or the way it gets thrown about as we don't think things that people love or value should be called 'clutter'. So please ignore the use of this word on the images from the Vic Health Site - out team will always be looking to respect you for the decisions you made and why that have led you to where you are, whether you are a 9, 4 or a 1 it doesn't matter to us. - You're a person with a life story and we've all got one of those. 

Step 2.

Tell us as much as you can about what you need us to do or give us a call instead.