Sal’s Service Guarantee

What we do:


1. We don't judge you or your client by how you live or how much stuff you have at the moment.

2. We listen. We listen to what you or your client wants or has to do and by when.

3. We help you or your client to set achievable goals and work to the plan to achieve them. We are discreeet about it but we can keep others up to date of progress if you want or have to do that.

4. We wait until you're ready to move if you or your client are allowed to do that - going slower or faster depending on whats needed. If you or they can't do it when they're really ready becuase of tenancy or trustee issues for instance, then we help make the best of things, negoiate on your (or your clients) behalf if you (or they) need us to and work with you on it so that everyone can move on.

5. If you or your client want things to be different and think that you're (they're) ready, then we'd love to work along side you to make it happen, slowly identifying habits that hinder rather than help progress and finding the good habits to build on..

6. We want to know if anything is precious to you or your client in the home/shed/business and what we can do about it?

7. We walk with you to start Step 1 of the plan.

8. Lastly, we know that we are all masterpieces in the making and that no body is perfect.


What we don't do:

1. We don't decide what is worthless - you do. We follow you or your client's lead. We are not a house cleaning service. Our aim is to help people to live better lives without their things getting in the way of that. We don't live in a minimalist home (though good luck to you if you do) and we don't aim at achieving that unless you or your client want to. 


2. We don't throw out anything and by this we mean that we sort out (and consolidate by doing so) but not throw out. If a piece of paper has writing on it, we consider it of potential value for instance – and even if it doesn’t if it might be important to you if you collect paper, so letters will be grouped together, pens with pens, 1950’s mixed female artists records with 1950’s mixed female artists records. N.B. If you or your client want or have to get rid of a few (or even lots) of things or need help to figure out how to do that then you are still going to be in charge of what goes where.

3 We don’t share information about what we find in the collection unless given your permission to do so for the purposes of advertising or recommendation or are bound to do so by law. We don’t arrive on-site with branded vehicles to assist you or your client to maintain discretion*

N.B. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic we have had to consider using more easily identified vehicles - this is to ensure that there is no question about whether as an allied health professional we are able to continue to help you in whatever way is appropriate (please see our special note regarding COVID 19 pandemic arrangments for service) instead if we are using branded vehicles we will continue with our practice of parking our vehicle in a variety of locations and often not directly in front of the home or property.

4. We don’t generally clean the area the collection is housed within, restricting this activity to light dusting or wiping of display surfaces if agreed to but we can get it ready for cleaning, arrange local cleaners for you or your client or give you details of those available.

5. In the rare event that we find any biohazards that it would be inappropriate for us to safety manage ourselves we will determine a best course of action with you.


6. As we are not ‘a removalist’, we do not move things off site ourselves. We can assist you/your client with an appropriate choice of carrier should it be needed. We facilitate these discussions with local firms by supplying lists of options for you to choose from on our site but do not normally recommend any company above any other and do not accept commissions to do so.

7. We do not arrange for others to move items off site or away for disposal by any means without evidence that you and/or your client (depending upon our prior agreement) agreed for this to be done.