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"Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice
at the end of the day saying,
I'll try again tomorrow…"

Mary Anne Radmacher

Sorting Sal is here to help make it easier.


But what's our part in the team effort to beat COVID 19 right now?

We are a Hoarding Specialist (Allied Health Professional) and therefore under Pandemic Level 3 restrictions in Australia we are considered essential services. See fire risks page for more information.

Part of our business services were and still are offered over the telephone, via Facebook, Facetime, Messenger, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other internet based platforms.
We work with you to figure out the best way we can help during the COVID 19 Pandemic, offering many modes of services we're aiming to assess and balance the risk to your safety from any fire, falls or tenancy issues against the COVID 19 risk of infection.

If site visits are considered necessary on a regular, intermittent or when necessary (due for instance to safety issues becoming worse) rationale then we will adopt social distancing within the home/shed to 1.5 metres and more if this is possible or adapt our goals with you of when or how things can be done if not.

We will work with you to see if windows or doors can be opened to increase opportunities to disperse/dilute any airborne virus particles.

We will self-isolate, request testing whenever necessary and let you know asap if it is for any of our team.

We will wash, sanitize and/or disinfect our hands before, during (if suitable) and after our visit to your home; wear gloves and a face mask where ever possible and implement practices in our private home that support this part of your 'bubble'.

Before COVID-19, Sorting Sal was already using these types of PPE to protect our staff (and customers where ever this was needed) from mold spores, animal droppings and other viral and surface contaminants that are often found on sites. All face masks and other PPE are from these private stores and will be supplemented if necessary for the safety of you and our staff - as a team we are all aiming at the highest level of protection we can achieve.

We will disinfect regularly touched surfaces in your home, in particular those we have touched or been near such as light switches and the door handles upon departure. We will disinfect our own property such as keys, clothing, bag or phone regularly before and after being at any work site.

We will look for ways to help you stay in touch with things that matter to you during the period of isolation.

We'll help you to get motivated to reach your goals, check in with you about how supplies of everyday items are going and be happy to drop off or collect items for you.

We will help you streamline the new tasks that are part of life within the pandemic, work with you to put mental health strategies in place, support you to connect with the people you love and along the way help you to feel more in control
and well...anything else that might help!


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