The Bower Bird Creed
finders, keepers,
treasures large
and small.
keep it,
save it, love it,
track down
three more...

Finders Keepers

So 'Bower Bird' what’s your collection worth?

If you don't know or you're just guessing but you do know you've been collecting for years and you love doing it then as the daughter of antique dealers and two great people who loved tracking down a bargain, I can well understand why.

Now, the only way to find out exactly how much its worth is to go ahead and catalogue
it but if you're like lots of passionate collectors the idea of doing it can be completely daunting. Why not bring in some one who loves doing just that, someone who thrives
on challenge and will work with you to catalogue (and find display solutions if needed for ) your beloved collection in such a way that insurers and friends alike will be able to see its value on paper.

Or perhaps you just need a hand because you now need to modify your collection?

We all know the nightmare stories of those who lost everything in fires or to thefts and were never able to prove exactly what they had. If you want me to help you avoid that then I’d love to help you sort it. It’s your collection and your choice and so whether you want me to be there walking along with you helping to make sure it gets done or you just want me to do it all for you – either way, just give me a call and we can work something special out.

We provide a fully insured, discreet, confidential and trusted service. Please ask for a copy of our service guarantee for further details.



Here's how we can help and what we can do.          

No job to big or too small!

Fully insured

Easy payment system

No pressure to reduce - you're in charge.Get help to find cost effective, user friendly storage solutions.

Accurate and often cheaper insurance premiums.

Assistance to have collections valued.

Step 1.

To make figuring out what you need us to do easier we ask you to choose 1, 2, or more options from the list below.



  1. Sort out what is there and create a list of the items. (List variations with different levels of detail are offered.)

  2. Help you to arrange valuations where appropriate.

  3. Provide contact details for insurers through lists provided on our web site.

  4. Arrange if you desire for us to get three quotes for your collection based on these valuations.
    Please note no commissions are received by Sorting Sal for which ever you choose.


  5. Send you updated progress reports via text, email or telephone at various intervals.


Step 2.
Then if you wish we can: -

  1. Pack up items ready for storage OR

  2. Work with you to determine the best form of display for these items if you do not have them in a way that you or others you care about see as best.

  3. 'De-clutter' the storage area your collection is housed within with you if you wish to prioritize the collection for instance. Some collectors in their later years of life may wish to just keep those of the highest worth for resale or other relevant motivation. Some collectors at this time of their life may wish to ensure that their children, the relevant association or museum will be able to easily manage the distribution of their collection to their facilities and or to your family members and do not wish to leave them with a great burden at the time of their own passing.

    Whatever your motivation or aim - we can help sort it.

What we don’t do during STAGES 1 & 2:

1. We don’t throw out anything and by this, we mean that we sort out (and consolidate by doing so) but not throw out. If a piece of paper has writing on it, we consider it of potential value for instance – and even if it doesn’t if you collect paper! -; letters will be grouped together, pens with pens, 1950’s mixed female artist records with 1950’s mixed female artist records. This is often the first stage of the cataloging process we undertake. You are the one deciding what, if anything you want us to place in the recycling or waste bin and to back this up we will often ensure that the first few times we work with you if there are any items that you have directed us to throw out we will leave them there in your home in such a way that you can in your own time check if we got it right. N.B. If you want to get rid of a few things and need some help to figure out how to do that then you are still going to be in charge of what goes where.

2. We don’t share information about what we find in the collection unless given your permission to do so for the purposes of advertising or recommendation or bound by law to do so.

3. We don’t generally clean the area the collection is housed within, restricting this activity to light dusting or wiping of display surfaces if agreed to but we can get it ready for cleaning, arrange local cleaners for you or give you details of those available via our website.

4. In the rare event that we find any biohazards that it would be inappropriate for us to safely manage ourselves, we will determine the best course of action with you.


6. As we are not ‘a removalist’, we do not move large amounts of things off-site ourselves. We can assist you with an appropriate choice of a carrier should you need one. We facilitate these discussions with local firms by supplying lists of options for you to choose from on our site but do not normally recommend any company above any other. We strongly encourage all firms that we deal with to ensure that they have customer feedback options on their websites, are polite, professional and discreet in their operations. We do not continue to offer their listing on our site should we obtain confirmed information that demonstrates that it would be inappropriate for us to do so.


8. We do not arrange for others to move items off-site or away for disposal by any means without evidence that you agreed for this to be done.

- Call Sorting Sal for a quote now on 0411320811

- No job to big or too small

- Fully insured

- Easy payment system

- No pressure to reduce - you're in charge
- Get help to find cost-effective, user-friendly storage solutions
- Accurate and often cheaper insurance premiums

- Assistance to have collections valued.