Sorting Sal Price List and Rates - Just click the image to the right and then you can download a PDF version. Please note the price list does get updated from time to time. Please ensure that you are using the most up to date version. Our rates remain the safe whether a person is paying themself for it, using NDIS or aged care funding and are lower to reflect the fact that we are working in Ballarat not the middle of Melbourne CBD. 

Don't forget to use the fabulous Vic Health Clutter Image Rating System (CIRS) tool* - you can jump on their website or download it from here> 

*N.B. Not everyone who finds themself with heaps of things is a person with a Hoarding Disorder and equally so is the statement that not every person who lives with a Hoarding Disorder has heaps of stuff; nor do they have heaps of stuff in piles everywhere. We are all individual masterpieces in the making!