“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

– Albert Einstein

Sorting Ourselves Out

Beautiful stuff can just build up sometimes…

Sorting Sal is a professional ‘hands-on’
Ballarat-based team, led by Sally Tuck, who really cares about you & your stuff, supporting you to sort it out so that its exactly the way you want it to be!

Sorting Sal is not a declutter nor a "chuck it queen' - although good luck to you if you are. Instead, Sorting Sal offers a range of sorting solutions for anyone with stuff that is proving problematic for you or other people in your life.

Whilst we are doing this, we explore the wisdom behind the internationally recognized
'Buried In Treasures program', supporting you to know more about;
- why you have the items you do in your home
- any habits that are working for or against your goals and
- giving you the support, encouragement, and knowledge to build on the 'good guys' and decrease the impacts of 'the bad guys' - at your pace with you in charge.

Whilst we can just jump in to tidy up your pantry or linen cupboard, sort out that cluttered storage room or walk with joy into that huge backlog of filing for you, our particular skills are in offering specialized services for those people challenged by hoarding disorders or whose beautiful, important or useful stuff has just got on top of them somehow.

Families, welfare and community workers can feel confident in Sal’s qualifications and experience gained over 25 years working in supportive, co-ordination and facilitative roles within community development, drug and alcohol residential detox and community services work.

Let us help you achieve your goals.

Mentoring support for adults or children.

All programs are available on a short, medium or ongoing basis.

- Patient, positive, ‘strengths-based’ adult programs when you’re ready to have someone working together with you in your home* we’ll go step by step towards new habits.


 - For young people* who are also struggling with their full rooms or houses, personalized skills development is also available.

* Over the phone and away from home coaching services are also offered by arrangement – just give me a call and we will sort something out.

– You don’t have to do it alone. Mentoring support for families helping you to make the changes within a family setting you want to - aimed at safety first and then small steps towards your goals, you decide how fast we go (self-paced progress). Short, medium or ongoing support.


– Think you’d like to start small? – How about our 15 minutes a day small step programs OR our hands-on therapeutic support to gradually work towards a safer home OR you can join us for the best cuppas and the most amount of laughter as we follow the exercises in the ripper book


– Let our specialist help you to turn that huge long list of emails into a smaller more manageable one; teach you how to use your computer, the internet, a new tv, figure out which cables you really need to keep or just help out with any other tech-related challenge that's got you beat. Two-hour session charged hourly in your own home or business.

- Buried In Treasures Workshop** following the book of the same name and inspired by other people’s journeys with their stuff. Support Group Facilitation. ** Tolin, Frost & Steketee Oxford, 2014

Discreet, confidential and trusted service. Please see our service guarantee

What we do:

N.B. Please see specific COVID -19 pandemic information on the front page of our website. 

1. We don't judge you or your client by how you live or how much stuff you have at the moment.


2. We listen. We listen to what you or your client wants or has to do and by when.

3. We help you or your client to set achievable goals and create or work to the plan to achieve them. We are discreet about it but we can keep others up to date on progress if you want or have to do that.

4. We wait until you're ready to move if you or your client are allowed to do that. If you or they can't do it when they're really ready then we help make the best of things, negotiate on your (or your clients) behalf if you (or they) need us to and work with you on it so that everyone can start to heal or move on.

5. If you or your client want things to be different and think that you're (they're) ready, then we'd love to work alongside you to make it happen, slowly identifying habits that hinder or help progress.

6. We want to know if anything is precious to you or your client in the home/shed/yard/business and what we can do about it?

7. We walk with you to start Step 1 of the plan.

8. We know that we are all masterpieces in the making and that nobody is perfect.


What we don't do:

1. We don't decide what is worthless - you do. We follow you or your client's lead. We are not a house cleaning service - our aim is to help people to live better lives without their things getting in the way of that. We don't live in a minimalist home (though good luck to you if you do) and we don't aim at achieving that unless you or your client want to. 


2. We don't throw out anything and by this, we mean that we sort out (and consolidate by doing so) but not throw out. If a piece of paper has writing on it, we consider it of potential value for instance – and even if it doesn’t if you collect paper! -; Letters will be grouped together, pens with pens, all 1950’s mixed female artist records will be put with any other 1950’s mixed female artist records. N.B. If you or your client want or have to get rid of a few (or even lots) things or need help to figure out how to do that then you are still going to be in charge of what goes where.

2. We don’t share information about what we find in the collection unless given your permission to do so for the purposes of advertising or recommendation or are bound to do so by law.

3. We try not to draw any unnecessary attention to our works in the home to assist you or your client to maintain discretion.

4. We don’t generally clean the area the collection is housed within, restricting this activity to light dusting or wiping of display surfaces if agreed to but we can get it ready for cleaning, arrange local cleaners for you or your client or give you details of those available. In special circumstances, we are also able to offer this as a separate service.

5. In the rare event that we find any biohazards that it would be inappropriate for us to safety manage ourselves, we will determine the best course of action with you.


6. As we are not ‘a removalist’, we do not generally move large numbers of things off site ourselves. We can assist you or your client with an appropriate choice of a carrier should it be needed. We facilitate these discussions with local firms by supplying lists of options for you to choose from on our site but do not normally recommend any company above any other. We strongly encourage all firms that we deal with to ensure that they have customer feedback options on their websites, are polite, professional and discreet in their operations. We do not continue to offer their listing on our site should we obtain confirmed information that demonstrates that it would be inappropriate for us to do so.

8. We do not arrange for others to move items off-site or away for disposal by any means without evidence that you and/or your client (depending upon our prior agreement) agreed for this to be done.

- Call Sorting Sal for a quote now
on 0411 320 811

- Recommended by clients and working solely within our local community.  
- Making your home safer.

- Making life less stressful.

- No pressure to reduce - you're in charge

- No job to big or too small.

- Fully insured.

- Easy payment system.
- Approved for NDIS funding and aged care packages.
- Member of the Hoarding and Squalor Network.

- Happy to work with you and your family or caseworkers/co-services if you want or need that.