Let Sal sort it!

What can we
do for you?

Sorting Sal is a 
‘hands-on’ family business
who really care

about you and your stuff.


We just love helping
Ballarat locals to sort out your ‘stuff’, so that it’s exactly the way YOU want it to be!


Anything really.
Some common examples are pantries, spare rooms, sheds, man caves, girl caves, backyards and whole houses.

For businesses we can sort paperwork, 'cluttered' spaces, do stock takes, reorganise yards and storage rooms.

For those challenged by enormous tasks such as clearing out their late parents homes or sheds we can be the solution you've been looking for - or do you need some one local to be "the keeper of the key" to let others in to do quotes for you, organise pick up or sale of items. Do you need someone to just sort it all into groups or itemise whats there? Whatever way we can make it easier 
for you and your family
Sorting Sal can help.

For people feeling overwhelmed, feeling like there's a lack of space or a need to rearrange or even reduce their possessions we can be that friendly helping hand
to help you sort it.

Downsizing? - We can help to nut through what's important, where things that you don't need anymore might find a new home, set up sales or organise donations - what ever looks difficult remember that
Sal can help you to sort it!

Sals Solutions

What can
we sort?

We listen and do what you ask us to do - it's that's simple. You'll be amazed at how much we can get sorted in a short space of time. CONVID - 19 Special Notes: You can ...
Let's Get It Sorted (CIRS 1-3)
2 hr
$45 per hour


We can find solutions
for any 'problem areas' in your home.

We can figure out how to make things safer.
We can reclaim family areas to eat and play.
We make new spaces happen
e.g. a home office or kids playroom.


We can help you find things.
We can count what’s there and make a list.

We can consolidate and tidy up.
We can create display solutions.
We can sort it so you can make the decisions
when you’re ready.

And along the way, we can
learn together how to buy less,
save less and start to sort out and prioritise

the things we need from the things
that are stopping us doing life.
We can even work out how to live your life
with someone who has lots of stuff.